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May 2010 NEW Jen Haard Bill Hall, Thunder River and Deer Creek Trails
March 2008 Shawn Stanford Grandview to Bright Angel (Microsoft Word format)
October 2007 Darin Kerr October 2007 Aborted Clear Creek trip report (external site)
April 2007 Shawn Stanford South Kaibab, Tonto, Grandview (Microsoft Word format)
April 2006 Bill Brizzee Easter on Deva Temple (Adobe PDF format)
October 2006 Shawn Stanford Havasupai (Havasu Canyon)
April 2006 Shawn Stanford South Kaibab, Tonto, Grandview
March 2006 Shawn Stanford South Kaibab, Bright Angel, Clear Creek
December 2005 Kevin DaVee, Cliff Murray, and Jim Martell Boucher/Hermit Loop by a Trio of Middle-Aged Oklahoma Geologists who should know better, but don’t.
December 2003 David Sheppard “GRAND CANYON!” I THOUGHT YOU SAID, “GRAND CAYMAN!”
(Bright Angel and South Kaibab Trails)
October 2005 Bob Hostetler, Doug Nering, Bob Early, Danny Weimer, Bob Greene North Bass, Hakatai Canyon, Modred Abyss & Lancelot Point
October 2005 Darin Kerr Clear Creek Backpacking Trip
September 2005 Mark E. Boyer Rim to Rim, Grandview, and other Stuff You May or May Not Care About
May 2005 Jan Swafford Tanner Trail
May 2005 Al Kruzins Trip to Grand Canyon interior and Havasu Falls
March 2005 Darin Kerr March 2005 Grand Canyon Day Hikes (Adobe PDF format)
January 2005 Sally Underwood Grand Canyon Ski Traverse January 2005
September 2003 Bill Huggins Grand Canyon Rim-To-Rim Hike
August 2003 Darin Kerr South Kaibab - Phantom Ranch - Bright Angel Day Hike
May 2003 Tempestmir Thunder River, Granite Narrows and Deer Creek
August 2002 David Sheppard North Kaibab and Bright Angel Trails
August 1994 David Sheppard Tonto and Grandview Trails
1990 David Sheppard Tanner Trail
February 21-25, 2001 Barry Dale and Dan Muchow Jacob Lake to South Rim Cross-Country Ski & Hike Adventure
October 10-15, 2002 Kathleen S., Jody R., and Rob J. "Roaring the Redwall" (external site)
August, 2002 Bill Huggins, Bob Groves and Jennifer Huggins "The Canyon (River) Trip Promised to Jennifer Huggins"
April, 2001 Jerry Forester, John Leonard and Norm Kern Clear Creek & Phantom Creek
October 11-17, 1998 Chuck & Kristin Lindeberg Grandview Trail, Cottonwood & Indian Gardens
April, 2000 David Stockbridge Tanner, Escalante, Tonto, Grandview
April, 1996 Patricia Corry with Carol and Cadance Hermit - Bright Angel Loop
April/May, 2000 Jim Lyons Tanner, Escalante to 75 Mile (external site)
May 17-23, 2000 Michael Briski and Elliot Flick Grand Canyon: First Incursion South Kaibab, Clear Creek, Bright Angel (external site)
April, 2000 Jerry Forester, John Leonard and Norm Kern Hermit, Slate, Boucher
October 22-27, 1999 Rob Jones Thundering the North Rim
June, 1999 Paul Delfeld S. Kaibab, N. Kaibab, Clear Creek, Brahma-Deva Route, N. Kaibab Cross Canyon Trip
May, 1999 David Marcus Nankoweap to Phantom
April, 1999 Jim Lyons New Hance, Escalante, Tonto, Horseshoe Mesa and Grandview (external site)
April, 1999 Jerry Forester, John Leonard and Norm Kern Tanner, Beamer, Escalante, New Hance
October, 1998 Charlie Hart Unsuccessful Atoko Route Descent
October, 1998 Mike Horm, Kyle and Bill Nankoweap
September/October, 1998 Daniel and Penny Dunn Grandview, Grapevine, Cremation, Bright Angel, Indian Gardens
September, 1998 John Dresser and Joe Cassidy New Hance / Tonto / Page Springs / Grandview
June, 1998 Jay & Ginjer Clarke Day Hikes on the Widforss and Rim Trails
May 31 - June 3, 1988 Bill Haering, Bill Reiser (Mojo), Mark Matsko, Dave Shattuck (Shad) Hermit Trail and Grandview Trail
May, 1998 Jim Lyons Tanner, Beamer, Little Colorado and Escalante (external site)
May 2 - 9, 1998 Roger Jenkins, Barbara Allen, Sue Fischer, Andy Butler, Lance McCold, and Will Skelton Monument Point - Sowats Point Grand Canyon Loop
Spring, 1998 Tony Coslett, Mom, Dad, Aunt Mary, Bob and my brother I'm 12, I Hiked the Grand Canyon and I Have a Story
April 17 - 25, 1998 Jerry Forester, John Leonard and Norm Kern Rim to Rim to Rim and Phantom Creek
April 1 - 5, 1998 Mary Coslett South Kaibab Trail, Phantom Ranch, Bright Angel Trail and Indian Gardens
April 10-17, 1998 Robert Hutchins Thunder River trail, Deer Creek, Kanab Creek and Indian Hollow (external site)
March 23-28, 1998 Tim Ward and Kathy Kerr Grandview Point to the Bright Angel Trail via the Tonto
Late Winter, 1998 Tom Foster Cave Of The Domes
September, 1997 Jim Lyons Tanner, Beamer (external site)
September 20 - September 28, 1997 Terry Leroux, Jeff Kernz, Mike Hamann, and Victor Kean Ken Patrick, Old Bright Angel, North Kaibab, Clear Creek, Bright Angel, Tonto, Hermit
October 9 - 13, 1997 Pat Jones, Harry Jones, Carol Boliek, Jack Obrzut Thunder River - Deer Creek Hike
Late October, 1997 Jim South Kaibab - Tonto - Grandview (solo)
August 6 - August 13, 1997 Bob Groves, Bill Huggins, and Matthew Huggins "The Canyon (River) Trip Promised to Matthew Huggins"
May 21, 1997 Jim Hadlock South Kaibab - Tonto - Bright Angel
April 26, 1997 - May 2, 1997 Joseph T. Sinclair, Charlie Craft and Topper Craft Hiking the Gems (Boucher-Tonto-Bass)
December 28, 1996 - January 3, 1997 Matt Averill Tanner, Escalante, Red Canyon
December 10-16, 1996 Mike Mahanay Tuckup Trail with Stairway and Tuckup Canyons
October, 1996 Matt, Gil and Steve South Kaibab, Clear Creek, Bright Angel
October 13
- 19, 1996
Debbie and Laura North Kaibab to Clear Creek and return
October, 1996 Bob Groves, Bill Huggins, Phil and Al Roberts Bill Hall, Thunder River, Tapeats Creek and Deer Creek
September, 1996 Chuck Arden Rim To Rim via North Kaibab to Bright Angel
June 30
- July 3, 1996
Eric, 19 and Rick, 44 Rim to Rim via North Kaibab & Bright Angel trails
May, 1996 Jim Lyons Colorado River, Bright Angel Trail (external site)
May, 1996 Jerry Forster, Norm Kern & John Leonard Circumnabulation of the Rainbow Plateau
May, 1996 Jennifer Manzo South Kaibab - Phantom Ranch - Bright Angel
May, 1996 Maria, Randy, Mom & Dad, and Friend Craig Cross-canyon via North Kaibab & Bright Angel trails
March, 1996 Mike Mahanay Fossil Bay
March, 1996 E. Easterly Grandview, Tonto, Bright Angel
February 3-10, 1996 Mike Mahanay Rider to Nankoweap
October 27 - November 4, 1995 David Martin & Bill Merrow The Grand Canyon Trip
October, 1995 Mike Tiyo Point
October, 1995 Matt & Gil South Kaibab, Phantom Ranch, River Trail, Clear Creek Trail, Bright Angel
July, 1995 Dan Singleton and family (Sharon; Michael, 13; Jennifer, 10; Eric, 8) Bright Angel, River, South Kaibab
May 20 to May 30, 1995 Jerry Forster, Norm Kern & John Leonard Thunder River, Deer Creek, Kanab Creek, Indian Hollow
May, 1995 Dick and friends Tuckup, Stairway, Lava Falls
February, 1995 Doug & Bill Bright Angel, North Kaibab, Cottonwood Camp, Tonto, Monument Creek, Granite Rapids, Hermit
October, 1994 Bill & others South Kaibab, Clear Creek, Bright Angel
January, 1994 Bill, Doug & Dave Hermit, Monument Creek, Tonto, Indian Gardens, Bright Angel, Clear Creek, South Kaibab

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