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Happy Campers - October, 1994 - Bill and others

October, 1994
Bill and others
South Kaibab, Clear Creek, Bright Angel

Day 1

In October, 1994 Bill did a hike with a small green rucksack/backpack and a load of perhaps 30-35 lbs (max, may have been less). Although the rucksack was stuffed to bursting; that felt like nothing at all. The low weight make a huge difference in trip experience. That was with a west coast hiker whose party did not show and who picked up Bill and one other person at the BRO where we were waiting in line to get a permit for a one nighter. Instead we embarked upon a 3 night/4 day itinerary for a trip down the S Kaibab, to Clear Creek camp (2 nights at large), then to BA camp, and finally out via BA trail. We stopped at Phantom Ranch where Bill got himself on the waiting list for a stew dinner -- he only had one days food with him. We then continued up the Clear Creek trail -- very very pretty just below and above the Toroweap. The view of the inner canyon as you turn the corner is one of the best. Then across Clear Creek to the west arm of Zoroaster Temple where we camped. This was a rocky wash and the only good campsite around the area -- a bad place to be in the rainy season. The other person picked up at the BRO stopped a little before us as he had to exit the canyon the next day.

Day 2

The two of us remaining then hiked to Clear Creek where we camped the second night (we day hiked the afternoon of that day a little down and up the creek but I twisted my ankle between some rocks which impacted this).

Day 3

The third day we hiked back to BA camp where Bill found out his attempt to get a stew dinner had failed and just up and hiked out the same day via the S Kaibab. It was great seeing people in their Halloween costumes hiking into the canyon but this made for a 16 mile hard, hard day. Having only a one day food supply made this one hungry trip. The gorp mix also melted like crazy as it was very warm at the end of October. Bill had his dome tent which was very roomy for one person and a 20 degree sleeping bag which was way too warm this time of year.

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