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Trip Report - April, 2007 - Clear Creek backpacking trip

The trip was good but not without some problems. The biggest problem was the weather... it could have been better. Wind was a major problem almost every day... wind gusts were outrageous, perhaps 50 MPH. It was also about 10-15 degrees cooler than it should have been for this time of year. Not bad during the day with temps in the low 70s... but they should have been mid to upper 80s. Temps at night were probably in the 40s.

I did not make it to the top of Deva Temple but I did get above the Redwall rock layer and within about 1.5 miles... and I consider that a major accomplishment. When I got to the top of the Redwall it was already close to noon and I knew if I continued I would never make it back to camp before dark. I did have a headlamp with me but I doubt I would have been able to use it to find my way back to camp over the route I had to use to get there. I originally planned on just a bivouac in this event but the cooler nighttime temperatures sort of blew that idea... it would have been a very cold bivouac. So...

The other day hikes over there were really nice though. Cheyava Falls was not running but I did find the other waterfall, Ariel Falls, which was very cool. I also found the Anasazi granaries up near Cheyava Falls. On my last full day over there I went up East Clear Creek further than I have ever gone before and explored two of the three upper arms back there.

I screwed up on my meals and somehow packed one day short. This was not a major problem since I ended up getting that last night at Phantom. I was just going to pick up some cold food from the ranch to eat for those last three meals but I lucked out and they had some cancellations for dinner so I ended up with beef stew for dinner that last night.

The trip highlights...


Larger version (2000x1508) camera Photo map

Day 1 - Day trip up to the Canyon
Day 2 - Packing gear
Day 3 - South Kaibab and Clear Creek Trails to the Ottoman Amphitheater
Day 4 - Clear Creek Trail to Clear Creek
Day 5 - Deva Temple day hike
Day 6 - Ariel Falls day hike
Day 7 - Cheyava Falls & granaries day hike
Day 8 - East Clear Creek day hike
Day 9 - Clear Creek Trail to Phantom Ranch
Day 10 - River and Bright Angel Trails to south rim
Day 11 - Oak Creek Canyon and Sedona
Day 12 - Day hiking the Hermit, Tonto and Bright Angel trails
Day 13 - Kendrick Park

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