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Trip Report - September, 2006 - Ken Patrick, Old Bright Angel and North Kaibab Loop plus Widforss Trail

It was a nice trip. The backpacking portion of it did not go off exactly as planned but lately it seems it never does. I probably could have done what I wanted to do alone but it was a little too ambitious for a trip with my wife. She got pretty beat up coming down the Old Bright Angel Trail and was in no condition for much of anything else when we finally got to Cottonwood Campground at the end of that day. We ended up bailing out a day early because I had my doubts about her being able to get up Wall Creek in the condition she was in. I still got to see Upper Ribbon Falls so it wasn't a complete loss.

The Widforss hike a couple of days later was very relaxing, truly a walk in the park. Five miles out one day and five miles back the next with practically no elevation change. The nights we were camped on the rim, both on Ken Patrick and at Widforss Point, were cold but not bitterly so. We also spent a very windy night at the end of the first hike camped in the national forest.

Apart from the time we spend on the north and south rims on the Canyon we also went up to Bryce Canyon in Utah, spent a night at Vermilion Cliffs Lodge and did a couple of day trips down to Sedona. The photos in these pages are only those from the Grand Canyon portions and the entire collection can be found here.

The trip highlights...


camera Photo map

Day 1 - South Rim, Grand Canyon Music Festival
Day 2 - Grand Canyon Association Member's Day and Grand Canyon Music Festival
Day 3 - North Rim and Ken Patrick Trail to Old Bright Angel
Day 4 - Old Bright Angel Trail to Cottonwood Camp
Day 5 - Upper and Lower Ribbon Falls and North Kaibab Trail back to rim
Day 6 - North Rim
Day 7 - North Rim and Widforss Trail to Widforss Point
Day 8 - Widforss Trail back to trailhead
Day 9 - Grand Canyon south rim

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