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Trip Report - May, 2003 - Thunder River and Deer Creek

This was a great trip and one that I had been looking forward to for a long time. I first did this trip back in May 1995, with the exception of the portion along the river, which was new this time. My wife, Robin, and I visited Deer Creek again during a river trip in 1997 but we did not get to see Thunder River as part of that trip and ever since I have been wanting to go back to Thunder River with her so she could see it. Another couple from Massachusetts, Sue and Tom, also joined us on this trip. It was their first time backpacking, not only in the Canyon, but anywhere and though they might not agree I think they did fabulously.

We were very lucky also in that the temperatures were averaging about 5 to 10 degrees cooler than normal for this time of year. When I did this trip back in 1995 I was literally baked alive for a good portion of it, mostly in the Surprise Valley portions on the first and second day. The cooler temperatures made for perfect backpacking weather for me although Sue, not being used to the climate at all, still had some problems with the heat there was. The first night we camped on the Esplanade was quite cool and the last night was downright cold.

Trip Highlights...

Happy Trails

camera Photo map

Day 1 - Boston to Grand Canyon
Day 2 - Grand Canyon to Jacob Lake
Day 3 - Jacob Lake to Esplanade
Day 4 - Esplanade to Upper Tapeats
Day 5 - Upper Tapeats to Lower Tapeats
Day 6 - Lower Tapeats to Deer Creek
Day 7 - Layover at Deer Creek
Day 8 - Deer Creek to Esplanade
Day 9 - Esplanade to Jacob Lake
Day 10 - Jacob Lake to Las Vegas

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