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Trip Report - April, 2002 - Point Huitzil, Royal Arch, Tonto, South Bass

This trip actually consisted of two parts. The first part of the trip was a campsite survey in the Garnet Use Area done by volunteers from the Grand Canyon Hikers and Backpackers Association for Grand Canyon National Park. The survey of some 18 remote, wilderness campsites was done as a 6-day backpacking trip down the Point Huitzil Route along the Royal Arch Route and Tonto Trails and finally out on the South Bass Trail. We started by hiking from Pasture Wash to Point Huitzil to the Royal Arch Route to Royal Arch. From there we followed the Royal Arch Route to Toltec Beach and did a day hike to Elves Chasm from there. After returning to Toltec Beach we continued east along the Royal Arch Route to Garnet Canyon and the Tonto Trail. We took the Tonto Trail back to Bass Canyon, camped one night at Bass Beach and then hiked up the South Bass Trail for our last nights camp on the Esplanade. The last day had us hiking the remainder of the South Bass Trail back to the rim.

The second part of the trip consisted another GCHBA volunteer project doing some more work in and around the area of Indian Garden off of the south rim: some trail repair on the Tonto Trail in Pipe Creek and picking up trash below the Tapeats Cliffs below Plateau Point.

Trip Highlights...

Happy Trails

camera Photo map

Day 1 - South Bass Trailhead
Day 2 - Pasture Wash to Point Huitzil to Royal Arch Creek
Day 3 - Royal Arch Creek to Royal Arch to Toltec Beach
Day 4 - Toltec Beach to Elves Chasm to Garnet Canyon and Tonto Trail
Day 5 - Tonto Trail to South Bass Trail to Bass Beach
Day 6 - Bass Beach to Explanade via South Bass Trail
Day 7 - Esplanade to Rim via South Bass Trail
Day 8 - GCHBA Work Project : Bright Angel Trail to Indian Garden
Day 9 - GCHBA Work Project : Tonto Trail Maintenance at Pipe Creek, Old Miner Route to River
Day 10 - GCHBA Work Project : Plateau Point Trash Pick Up, Rebuilding Picnic Tables

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