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Trip Report - October, 2001 - GCHBA Bright Angel, Phantom & Clear Creek Work Project

This trip was the second campground volunteer project done by the Grand Canyon Hikers and Backpackers Association, the first one being the Spring Cleaning at Indian Gardens done earlier this year. GCHBA had a total of 10 volunteers working on this project. The first two days were spent doing some projects in the vicinity of Bright Angel Campground and Phantom Ranch. On the first day we installed some new irrigation tubing in the campground as well as around the Phantom ranger station, dug holes for the planting of trees, weeded some irrigation ditches and did some work removing unwanted social trails down near the boat beach. On the second day we hauled compost from the mule corral and sand and dirt from the river bank to the nursery to be mixed together and used as planting soil. We also spent a couple of days over at Clear Creek with ranger Bil Vangergraf learning how to do campsite surveys.

It was both a very productive and very enjoyable trip. I also managed to sneak in a little day hike up into Phantom Canyon and the whole group did a day hike up to the Clear Creek ruins and another day hike along Clear Creek from the camping area down to the Colorado River.

Happy Trails

camera Photo map

Day 1 - Flagstaff and Tusayan
Day 2 - South Kaibab Trail to Phantom Ranch
Day 3 - GCHBA Work Detail
Day 4 - GCHBA Work Detail
Day 5 - Clear Creek Trail to Clear Creek
Day 6 - GCHBA Work Detail & Day Hikes
Day 7 - Clear Creek Day Hike
Day 8 - Clear Creek Trail to Sumner Wash
Day 9 - Clear Creek Trail and Bright Angel Trails to Indian Garden
Day 10 - Bright Angel Trail to South Rim
Day 11 - Going Home

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