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Trip Report - December, 1992 - Red Canyon, Escalante, Tonto, Grandview

This has been the only backcountry trip into the Canyon thus far that has caused me to be a little apprehensive at the start. The last time down this trail I was hiking with my wife, Robin, when about halfway to the river she slipped, took a nasty fall and broke her ankle. We didn't know that it was broken at the time and just thought that it was a bad sprain. Bad it was bad enough to know that the trip was over. She did manage to hike back out to the rim on her own, using part of a dead Utah Juniper as a crutch, and it wasn't until two days later when the swelling still hadn't gone down that we discovered it was broken. This time I would be hiking the trail alone and now I was even more fearful of something like this, or worse, happening to me.

Trip map
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Day 1 - Red Canyon Trailhead to Hance Rapids
Day 2 - Hance Rapids to Unkar Creek Overlook and back
Day 3 - Hance Rapids to Cottonwood Creek
Day 4 - Cottonwood Creek to Grandview Point

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