The Moody Blues Fan Club

The Moody Blues Fan Club can be reached at the following address:

53-55 High Street,
Cobham, Surrey,
KT11 3DP

Telephone: (0)932 864142
FAX: (from U.S.) 011-44-1932-868-997

Ivy Stewart is the Fan Club Secretary.

The Fan Club publishes a newsletter twice yearly which contains letters from fans, information on upcoming tours, in-concert photos taken by fans, letters from the band, and other interesting little tidbits of information about the Moodies.

At last check the annual fee for being a member of the Fan Club was 15 Pounds for United States and Canadian members, 10 Pounds for U.K. members, 12 Pounds for European members, 17 Pounds for the rest of the Earth and 1000 Pounds for members located in the outer reaches of the central spiral arm of the Milky Way Galaxy. Beyond this point no information was available. If you send them this you get a package that contains some photos of the band, biographies of the band members and press information about the band. You also get a neat little chart which explains the evolution of the band and shows where the various band members, both past and present, came from and went to.

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