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"Tertiary History of the Grand Caņon District" Atlas (1882) - Clarence Dutton collection

These maps and sketches are from the Clarence Dutton collection of the "Tertiary History of the Grand Caņon District" Atlas (1882) and are provided compliments Scott C. Carter, President of Digital Data Services, Inc. and the United States Geological Survey in Denver, Colorado.

SHEET I.Title page and Table of Contents.I
SHEET II.Sketch map showing the approximate distribution of the strata in the western part of the Southern Plateau Province. Scale, 1/1,000,000.The topography of the colored portion is compiled by J. H. Renshawe, from data and surveys by the U. S. Geographical and Geoloigical Survey of the Rocky Mountain Region, J. W. Powell in charge, and by the United States Geological urvey, Clarence King, Director. The topography of the uncolored portion is compiled largely from surveus under the direction of Capt. George M. Wheeler, U. S. Engineers. Geology by C. E. Dutton.II
SHEET III.Sketch map showing the approximate arrangement of the principal faults and displacements in the District of the High Plateaus, and in the Grand Caņon District.The topography is the same as that of the preceding sheet.III
SHEET IV.Panoramic view if the Temples and Towers of the Virgen. Drawn by William H. Holmes.IV
SHEET V.View of the Toroweap Valley looking north from Vulcan's Throne, and view of the Uinkaret Plateau looking northwest from the same standpoint. The two views are continuous. Drawn by William H. Holmes.V
SHEET VI.View looking eastward from Vulcan's Throne disclosing the Inner Gorge of the Grand Caņon, the great esplanade, and the upper or outer walls on either hand. Drawn by William H. Holmes.VI
SHEETS VII and VIII.Map of the Uinkaret Plateau. Topography by J. H. Renshawe. Geology by C. E. Dutton. Scale, one mile to the inch.VII - VIII
SHEET IX.Panoramic views from the summit of Mount Trumbull, on the Uinkaret Plateau, looking eastward and southward, with distant glimpses of the Kanab division of the Grand Caņon and some of its lateral gorges.IX
SHEET X.Two views---one looking northward from the summit of Mount Trumbull, the other looking north and northeast from the summit of Mount Emma---exhibiting the basaltuc cinder cones of the Uinkaret Plateau. Drawn by William H. Holmes.X
SHEETS XI, XII, XIII, and XIV.Map of the southern portion of the Kaibab Plateau, and of the Kaibab division of the Grand Caņon, and the lower portion of Marble Caņon. Topography by Sumner H. Bodfish, and geology be C. E. Dutton. Scale, one mile to the inch. The inner gorge, designated at Archaean area, sontains remnants of Silurian strata, the extent and distribution of which are not at present accurately known.XI - XII - XIII - XIV
SHEETS XV, XVI, and XVII.The Panorama from Point Sublime in the Kaibab. The three sheets form on continuous panorama. Drawn by William H. Holmes.XV - XVI - XVII
SHEET XVIII.The Transept. View of a lateral gorge opening into one of the branches of the Bright Angel Amphitheatre in the Kaibab. Drawn by Thomas Moran.XVIII
SHEET XIX.View looking from the astern brink of the Kaibab and overlooking the Marble Caņon Platform. Drawn by William H. Holmes.XIX
SHEETS XX, XXI, XXII, and XXIII.Sheets from the General Topographic and Geologic Atlas of the United States Geological Survey.XX - XXI - XXII - XXIII
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