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Freeware from Bob Ribokas

Note: All of the screen saver versions are basically the same with a few minor differences. You do not need to download all three versions if you wish to run all three versions on your system, all you need is one copy of the screen saver itself and the image files from the others. The only files that are different for the different versions are the copies of the .INI file (DIGITFAN.INI) and the start-up image that is used, which is a different file name for each version.

It is also possible to easily customize the screen saver for use with your own images.

Grand Canyon Screen Saver for Windows 95

The Grand Canyon Screen Saver consists of the screen saver itself, a random wallpaper selector and a desktop calendar/almanac. The random wallpaper selector can be installed in the Windows "Startup" folder to select a new Grand Canyon image for your Window's wallpaper each day or each time you start Windows. The calendar allows you to enter memos for given dates and also provides an almanac that shows the rising and setting times for the the Sun and the Moon as well as the phase of the Moon for any given date. If the random wallpaper selector is in use it will also alert you to any memos that have been entered for the given date whenever it is run.

The images that are distributed with the screen saver software are under copyright by me personally and are not to be used for commercial purposes without my written consent.

If you download this software, like it and plan to continue to use it I would suggest that you make a small donation to the Grand Canyon Trust to help "save" the park itself for future generations. This is only a suggestion and no fee is required for use of this software.

Moody Blues Screen Saver for Windows 95

A screen saver for one of the worlds most legendary rock and roll bands.

John Denver Screen Saver for Windows 95

This screen saver is a tribute to the music and the vision of singer/songwritter John Denver.

The images that are used for it are ones that I collected from various sites on the Internet during the first couple of weeks following John's death.

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