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Trip Report - October, 2010 - Ottoman Amphitheatre (another failed Deva attempt)

This was my third Deva Temple attempt and this was the worst of all. I never even got to make the attempt this time because of foot/boot problems. I got over to my base camp, where I was supposed to make the attempt from, but that is the closest I got. I know I said "I give up on Deva" during the last attempt but I am still not ready to give up I will get there one of these days.

This trip was also filled with several bad omens that lead me to believe it was not intended to be from the start. The first omen were scorpions under my ground cloth that I discovered when breaking camp on the second day. Then there was the spring that I camped next to last time that had no usable water this time... and the skeletal remains of a big horn sheep next to that spring. Finally there was an encounter with a rattlesnake that was a little too close for comfort on the Clear Creek Trail as I was heading to camp for the last night.

It was still a more-or-less enjoyable trip as any trip to the Canyon usually is for me. I had some beautiful campsites and luckily there was a large pothole with plenty of good water in it only about a quarter of a mile down the wash from the spring. The weather was fantastic with temperatures in the low 80s during the day and low 50s at night. There Moon waxed from a thin crescent to just about first quarter and set pretty early so there were plenty of stars and nice clear evenings to enjoy them.

Larger version (2000x1507) camera Photo map

Day 1 - South Kaibab Trail to camp on the Clear Creek Trail
Day 2 - Camp on Clear Creek Trail to camp along Brahma-Deva Route
Day 3 - Lay-over day in camp
Day 4 - Back to the Clear Creek Trail
Day 5 - Hiking back to the south rim

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