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Trip Report - June, 2000 - Grand Canyon Pioneer's Annual Picnic


       C o n t e n t s

 Grand Canyon - East Entrance
 Sunrise from Yavapai Point
 Breakfast at the El Tovar Hotel
 California Condors
 Rock Squirrel
 Babbitt's General Store
 Grand Canyon Collection Tour
 Grand Canyon Pioneers Society Annual Picnic
 Dinner at Cafe Tusayan
 Morning Hike
 Hermit Road
 Early Morning Hike
 Breakfast at Bright Angel Restaurant
 Museum of Northern Arizona

Day 1 - Cameron & Grand Canyon - East Entrance
Day 2 - Grand Canyon Collection Tour & Grand Canyon Pioneers Society Annual Picnic
Day 3 - Morning Hike & Hermit Road
Day 4 - Early Morning Hike & Museum of Northern Arizona

The complete set of photos from this trip can be found at http://www.bobspixels.com/kaibab.org/tr001/

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