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Phantom Ranch cantina

Phantom Ranch cantina
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Phantom Ranch

Located right at the very bottom of the Grand Canyon on the north side of the Colorado River, alongside Bright Angel Creek. There are a number of ways to reach Phantom Ranch. Regardless of how you are going, make sure your reservations for accommodations as well as meals are confirmed before leaving for the ranch. It's a long way back if you can't stay there and a long hike out on an empty stomach.

Accommodations available at Phantom Ranch are both cabin and dormitory. The cabins, which have two bunkbeds, go for $64 per night for 2 people, with a charge of $10.50 for each additional person. Cabins have toilet facilities only. Showers are available at a central location. There are 4 dormitories, each of which is segregated by sex. Each dorm has 9 bunkbeds and both toilet and shower facilities. The price of dormitory accommodations is about $21.50 per night.

Overnight camping is also available at Bright Angel Campground.

Limited but outstanding food service is available at Phantom Ranch. The Phantom Ranch Dining Hall serves two seatings of breakfast in the morning, an early breakfast at 6AM and a late breakfast at 7AM. Two seatings are also available for dinner in the evening, the early dinner, which features steak, at 5PM and the late dinner, which features beef stew, at 7PM. Times are approximate and vary with the time of year. All meals are served family style. The price for breakfast is $14.50; steak dinner, $27.75; and stew dinner, $17.25. Box lunches may also be purchased for $7.50. The dining hall also serves as a Beer Hall for 2-3 hours following the late dinner seating. All meals you plan to eat at Phantom Ranch must be reserved in advance.

Rate information as of July 2, 2000.

The most popular way of getting to Phantom Ranch is to walk there:

Other methods reaching Phantom Ranch are by mule or by floating in on the river.

For current pricing and reservations contact:

Reservation Department
Grand Canyon National Park Lodge
P.O. Box 699
Grand Canyon, AZ 86023

or call the Fred Harvey reservations number at 303-297-2757.

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