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Sample crossword puzzle for Junior Ranger Scorpion Award

(Note: This is not the same crossword that you need to complete to get the award)


1. The Grand Canyon Railway was originally a spur route of the Atchison, Topeka and _____ __ Railroad, when it first reached the rim of the Grand Canyon in 1901.

4. The Red Canyon Trail was formerly know as the New _____ Trail.

5. William Wallace ____ is credited with being the first person of European descent to raise a family at the Canyon.

8. The ________ Formation is the rock layer that separates the Kaibab Limestone and the Coconino Sandstone.

13. The rattlesnake and the collared lizard are both members of the _______ family.

14. The Grand Canyon is home to a special sub-species of rattlesnake known as the Grand Canyon ____ rattlesnake.


2. The _____ Platform is the broad terrace which forms the major east-west route through the lower reaches of the Canyon

3. The _______ was an ancient indian culture that inhabited various sections of the Grand Canyon between A.D. 700 to around A.D. 1150.

6. Fred ______ is the famous Grand Canyon businessman who founded the company that now bears his name.

8. _______ is both the name of the ancient indian ruins near Desert View and the name of the town near the south entrance to Grand Canyon National Park.

9. Attending a ______ program is one of the best ways to learn about the Grand Canyon.

11. The most import item to bring with you on any hike into the Grand Canyon is _____.

12. The ____ peoples that inhabit the Grand Canyon area today can trace their ancestry all the way back to the Anasazi culture that once inhabited the same region.

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