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This web site was created and continues to be maintained out of a labor of love with the Grand Canyon, one of planet Earth's most astounding natural features. I began my adventures at the Canyon over 20 years ago with numerous visits to the both the north and south rims and have been addicted to it ever since. In late 1987 I did my first day hike down into the inner canyon and discovered a whole new world down there below the rim.

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This web site is dedicated to the memory and the vision of singer/songwriter John Denver, who began this journey for me.

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I lost my free hosting service for Grand Canyon Explorer at Aspect1 Internet Services on April 1, 2007. The people at Aspect1 were never as supportive of the Grand Canyon Explorer web site as the old InfoMagic company was and when they decided to start charging me for disk space the site had to move. The world needs more companies like the old InfoMagic. I am now hosting Grand Canyon Explorer myself under my BobsPixels.com photography web site. If you like the Grand Canyon Explorer web site and would like to help support it you might consider purchasing a photograph from BobsPixels.com.

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