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Trip Report - May, 1994 - Hermit, Tonto, Boucher and Dripping Springs trails

This would have an incredibly awesome trip if it were not for the damned helicopters! The normal backcountry experience that I had become used to at the Canyon was destroyed by these infernal mechanized monsters. From about 8 AM until about 6 PM that's all you hear in the Hermit/Boucher section of the Canyon, helicopters, helicopters and more helicopters... one after another with as many as three in the sky at one time. I would be interested in funding an anti-aircraft battery located out on Yuma Point if anyone else could be persuaded to contribute. I won't mention any more about the helicopters in the trip report but during the day they were pretty much always there.

Trip map
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Day 1 - Hermit Trailhead to Hermit Camp
Day 2 - Hermit Camp to Boucher Rapids
Day 3 - Boucher Rapids to Boucher Creek
Day 4 - Boucher Creek to Yuma Point
Day 5 - Yuma Point to Hermit Trailhead

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