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Trip Report - December, 1991 - Hermit, Tonto, Bright Angel Trails

I decided that I wanted to see more of the Canyon, I wanted a longer trip. The first trip most people do is Bright Angel Campground and/or Indian Garden Campground but I did not want the crowds of Bright Angel Campground... I wanted some peace and quiet… some solitude. I had already fallen in love with the Tonto Trail and Platform as a result of the day hike that Robin and I had done back in 1988 and I wanted to see more of it. The Hermit, Tonto, Bright Angel loop hike seemed to be the best opportunity for this. I knew I could handle this seeing as our first overnight venture into the Canyon was on the Tanner Trail, one of the more difficult of the Canyon's trails. There would be long quiet stretches of trail on this section of the Tonto but still I would not be far from "civilization". I guess "civilization" was a little more important back in those days.

Happy Trails

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Day 1 - Arrival at Grand Canyon
Day 2 - Hermit and Tonto Trails to Monument Creek and Granite Rapid
Day 3 - Tonto Trail from Monument Creek to Indian Garden
Day 4 - Bright Angel Trail from Indian Garden to rim

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