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Trip Report - November, 1989 - Tanner Trail

I had done my first hike, I had done a hike with Robin and I had done an overnight hike so the next likely trip seemed to be an overnight trip with Robin. I had seen the corridor campgrounds at Bright Angel and Indian Garden and these seemed a bit crowded and definitely were not for me so I decided on something with a little bit more of a wilderness experience. I don't remember exactly how I decided on the Tanner Trail and why I decided on only one night at the river. I have always loved the view of the Colorado River from Desert View and on prior visits out there I remember spotting sections of the Tanner Trail as it wound its way towards the Colorado, so this may have had something to do with it.

I did not even own a tent at this point but when my brother-in-law found out about the trip he offered to let us borrow a 2-person tent that he had. I did have a little camp stove that Robin and I had received as a wedding present some years back and had never used. We did have sleeping bags but we did not know at this point these were really too heavy and not suitable for backpacking. The only thing that I really needed to buy was a water purifier.

The trip was planned in conjunction with a business trip, to a computer convention in Los Angeles. Robin came along on the trip with me and after the convention was over we drove to the Grand Canyon to start the hike. We spent Friday night on the rim and then planned on hiking down the Tanner Trail to the Colorado River on Saturday, staying at the river Saturday night and then hiking back out on Sunday. It was way, way too much hiking for two days and way, way too little time at the river.

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Day 1 - Tanner Trail to Colorado River
Day 2 - Tanner Trail back to south rim

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