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In Memory of Sharon Spangler

Your tribute left me with tears about to spill, despite my reading it while at work. I too have shared those dreams of sitting on a limestone shelf, low in the Canyon, trading stories with her. Ten years ago, her book gave me the confidence to plan Grand Canyon trekking for others.

Thanks for the sad news and thoughtful comments.

Bob Goff


I just caught your tribute to Sharon Spangler and was stunned, also, to learn of her death. Such an energetic, articulate and apparently devoted worshiper of the outdoors isn't supposed to die early, is she? We envision such perceptive people as having a degree of immortality, something that seems only natural for one who communes with nature so regularly, so peacefully, so harmoniously.

As you kindly responded to my questions in December in anticipation of a May 98 trek, I mentioned to you I had ordered Sharon's book, like thousands of others, I'm sure. Having consumed it ravenously, I have now placed it on my wife's bedside table for her reading. I did so not only for her to expand her knowledge of backpacking in the Canyon, but to help her overcome some anxiety for the trek, what with all the warnings about fatalities and so on. While having some backpacking experience under her belt, she's still a little concerned. I see Sharon's book as an natural bridge of strength from a once first-timer to a current first-timer. I know my wife will derive from Sharon much of the strength she needs for our most exciting trip coming up.

Please forward my appreciation to Bob Spangler for sharing his thoughts and for haring Sharon through her book with all of us who haven't yet been, but eagerly await our turn to experience the mighty Canyon.

Bob, you did a fine job with your tribute, the little candle included.


Joe Sechler
Asheboro, NC

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