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A special "welcome" to teachers

Welcome back from your summer vacations. Another school year is now ahead of you and I am sure that more virtual visits to the Grand Canyon are part of many lesson plans for the upcoming school year. Over the past two years I have really enjoyed corresponding with both the teachers and the students who frequent my "unofficial" Grand Canyon pages and I am always striving to make improvements to the content. In this area I welcome your comments and suggestions.

Many additions that have been made to the pages over the past two years are the direct or indirect result of questions from both teachers and students:

If you have any suggestions for additional areas that you believe should be covered by these pages or suggestions for improving the content or layout of existing pages, feel free to contact me at the E-mail address given below. These are your pages as well and they should be able to help you educate the young minds that you have been entrusted with.

Welcome back,

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