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The Armchair World Explorer John Wesley Powell and the Grand Canyon

Travel the world through the comfort of your web broswer.

Grand Canyon backcountry adventures of Jim and Kathy Lyons Grand Canyon backcountry adventures of Jim and Kathy Lyons

Through this web page, Kathy and I will share with you some of our Grand Canyon backcountry adventures.

Nicole's Grand Canyon Site Nicole's Grand Canyon Site

"A Backpacker's Photo Essay"

Steve's Grand Canyon Adventures Steve's Grand Canyon Adventures

Great trip reports and some really nice photos!

Susan and Bob's Home Page

Great Canyon links for both backpacking and river running!

Check out the Ultimate Grand Canyon Backpack trip.

Grand Tour visit with some more Canyon junkies.

Hosted by GORP - Great Outdoor Recreation Pages

John Carroll
Professor, Computer Science
San Diego State University

Professor Carroll has completed over 60 Grand Canyon hikes totalling over 1500 miles.
The pictures on these pages are from some of those trips.

The River That Flows Uphill

A Journey from the Big Bang to the Big Brain

by William H. Calvin

A Trip Through the Grand Canyon

No trip through cyberspace can begin to communicate the thrill of actually running the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. This multimedia journey is intended to simply provide a glimpse of the river corridor and share some the joy of being in the grandest of all canyons.

by Leonard Thurman

Ed Hensley's Grand Canyon info

Boldly go where no one (or at least very few) have gone before. Ed is currently writing a book about inner-canyon hiking based on his experiences. His favorite place in the Grand Canyon, Clear Creek, just happens to be one of mine as well, and he was very helpful in planning my Spring 1996 hike in that area.

Steve Touchstone's Great Outdoors Links page


Some very, very nice Canyon photos

The Dave Bassett "Grand Canyon" Photo Gallery

Phil's On-Line Portfolio - Grand Canyon area

Paintings of the Grand Canyon by artist Louis Copt

Grand Canyon photographs by Bill Wright

Five photos from a river trip.

Sierra Club - Grand Canyon Chapter

Check out The Canyon ECHO Online for more info about Sierra Club projects in the area.

Grand Canyon Treks by Achilles "Cheech" Calenti

Advice on backcountry travel, trip reports and great photos!

Ken Kyler's 1995 Grand Canyon kayaking trip

This is the journal from Ken's second Grand Canyon kayaking trip.

Adam's USA '95 Page - The Grand Canyon

Photos and travel log from a two week trip around the Southwest.

Grand Canyon Beaches May 1996

Check out images of the new Grand Canyon Beaches created by the controlled flood experiment.

Another viewpoint on Grand Canyon geology

There are numerous fables, myths and stories regarding the formation of the Grand Canyon. This site gives the Biblical perspective.

The Hopi Information Network

Check out some of the creation stories here.

Indigenous Peoples' Literature

More of the same - cool site!

The Middle-Aged Hiker

The Middle-Aged Hiker takes to the Grand Canyon.

Our Grand Canyon Hiking History

Hiking history of the Middle-Aged Hiker.

Grand Canyon Images

Some photos of the Grand Canyon.

Greg's Grand Canyon Pictures

Some more photos of the Grand Canyon.

T. Chester's Grand Canyon Hikes

A man after my own heart!

Colorado Plateau Information Network

Colorado Plateau Research Station
Northern Arizona University
(a wicked slow link but it has some good info of you can wait)

Studies of Colorado River Sandbars (Beaches) in Grand Canyon

also at Northern Arizona University

Grand Canyon Photographs

Some truly spectacular photos!

The Grand Canyon

A certain section of the Grand Canyon is considered by the Hopi's as the place from which man entered the World. The mythology is foreign, but understandable -- the Canyon almost forces one to mythologize.

The Grand Canyon

Ken Roberts' Photo Journey of Backcountry Hiking Trails

Canyons at Westward Gallery

Breathtaking Scenes From America's Grand Canyon

Vadim Aristov's - The Majesty of the Nature

Grand Canyon NP,AZ

Grand Canyon Landsat MSS Imagery

Valles Marineris

The Grand Canyon of Mars

First Journey Through Grand Canyon

Indigenous Peoples Literature

The trip to the grand canyon

Five people set out to Arizona to find solace in the wild country.
What did we find? We found a large pretty canyon.
It was quite grand.

The Grand Canyon

Digital elevation maps (DEMs) from the US Geological Survey.

The Grand Canyon

it's just.... BIG

John Donohue's National Park Photos

Great photos from Ian and Phil's 1996 vacation to the Grand Canyon

CANYON SPIRIT - GRAND CANYON GNUTS' HOME PAGE (Their home away from home.)

Dawn's Grand Canyon Hike

The account of her family's hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon in late June, 1995.

The Canyon Rim

Photos from Grand Canyon, Green River and San Juan River rafting trips.

Department of the Interior United Status Department of the Interior NPS National Park Service

Photography Related Sites

BobsPixels.com BobsPixels.com

Whether simply up on the rim, or deep in the backcountry, Bob is never in at the Canyon without his camera gear and always comes back with fascinating shots.

Enjoy Grand Canyon and other photographs by the creator of the Grand Canyon Explorer web site.

GrandCanyonPrints.com GrandCanyonPrints.com

World-class landscape photographer, and park resident, Mike Buchheit shares his unique vision of Grand Canyon National Park in his Grand Canyon Prints collection. Enjoy the fabled views of the world's most famous chasm, from rim to river.

Commercial Sites

Angels Gate Tours Angel's Gate Tours

You have invested a lot in your vacation. You deserve an Easy Carefree Day! Make sure you See Canyons, Not Crowds.

eParka eParka.com -- The Interactive Outdoor Guide .

eParka is a site dedicated to giving you information you need about the outdoors so you can spend more time enjoying new places and less time surfing the web looking for things to do.

GORP GORP pages on Grand Canyon National Park.

GORP - Great Outdoor Recreation Pages -- contains a wealth of information on what to do and where to go in the great outdoors!

Whether you are planning a trip or just gathering information on you favorite recreational activity, GORP has something for you!

Grand Canyon Railway Grand Canyon Railway

Relive the excitement of the Old West aboard a historic train to America's national treasure -- the Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon Deer Farm The Grand Canyon Deer Farm

Please don't feed the deer while you are visiting the Grand Canyon. If you really must feed them or have your children feed them, then do it here.

Grand Canyon Caverns

Spend Some Time At Grand Canyon Caverns On Historic Route 66. in. Grand Canyon Caverns, Arizona. visit a place 21 stories deep in the earth... a place of...

Verkamps Verkamp's native American arts and gift store

Five Quail Books 5 Quail Books

Mail-order sales of new, used and rare books, papers, etc. relating to the Grand Canyon, Colorado River and Colorado Plateau


Looking for a fun, inexpensive place to stay in Arizona, on your way to the Grand Canyon?
Don't miss the excitement and charming decor of the Grand Canyon International Hostel.


GRAND CANYON Backcountry Guides & Outfitters

An intimate experience with the earth. Inspiring adventures into the depths of Grand Canyon. The most scenic and breath taking canyon in the world. Experience the peace, solitude, beauty and adventure that can only be found on a journey into Grand Canyon.

American Dream Tours

If you are interested in the best tour to the Grand Canyon from Northern Arizona, then you have found the right place!

Grand Canyon Hiking Tours

Guided Tours by Gloria "G.K." Sprinkle, MA

Visit the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas
Tours for Disabled

WilderWalk Grand Canyon Adventures
Leave the crowd, leave the car,
and hike the trail less traveled.
Come to the Secret Sacred Garden
at the heart of the Grand Canyon.

Southwest Vacation Travel
Discover the Spirit of Adventure
Explore America's National Parks & Forests

Paradise Found Tours : Grand Canyon Tours
We offer tours to both Grand Canyon National Park at the South Rim, and to the Hualapai Indian Reservation on the West Rim. The West Rim is the closest part of these Grand Canyon Tours to Las Vegas and is more of a wilderness area (no guard rails). The South Rim offers classic scenes of the wide open Grand Canyon. Here you are closer in with views of the Colorado River more than 3,000 feet directly below.

Scenic Airlines

The Best Way to See the Southwest... By Air

Grand Canyon Airlines Grand Canyon Airlines.

Grand Canyon Airlines flies over 100 miles of the grandest scenery Grand Canyon has to offer and we have been doing it since 1926.

Arizona Highways magazine.

Travel the backroads and highways of America's GRANDest state, the "Grand Canyon State" of Arizona.

The University of Arizona Press

Publisher of Scholarly Books and Books about the Southwest
Many Grand Canyon Titles

Grand Canyon National Park Lodges is located at one of the most awe-inspiring natural wonders in the world - a place like no other. We are open year-round and are looking for employees to fill positions in our hotels, restaurants and retail shops located on the South Rim of Grand Canyon.

Arizona Aerial*Zona Your Gateway to Scenic Aerial Photography of Arizona, USA. Aerial*Zona offers some magnificent aerial shots of the Grand Canyon.

Arizona Accommodations Reservations We invite YOU to discover Arizona and the Southwest Region's accommodations and special entertainment opportunities!

You'll love our hospitality and our outstanding knowledge of the Southwest Territory will help you make the most of your adventure!

National Park Service The "Official" Grand Canyon site The "official" site from the National Park Service.

Grand Canyon Chamber of Commerce Counterpart to the "Official" site
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