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I don't even remember when I first started taking photos but I'm pretty sure it was at a very early age. I do remember that my first cameras were a pair of old hand-me-down Kodak Brownies that originally belonged to my mother and father. My father was always very much into photography himself and he was probably the primary reason for my wanting to pursue it as a passion myself.

Over the years it has become less and less just a hobby and more and more a true passion. When I started traveling the world as part of my job it took on a whole new focus because I just had to document all of the wonderful places I was visiting for my friends and family to enjoy.

When I started hiking and backacking in the Grand Canyon the passion turned into an obsession and I would shoot roll after roll of film in the Canyon. It was during this period that I discovered my true calling as a nature and landscape photographer and my Grand Canyon Explorer web site is a direct result of my combinbed addictions to both the Grand Canyon and photography.

When the reasonably inexpensive (below $1000) digital cameras first started to appear in the consumer market in the mid 1990s I was one of the first to embrace this technology. Up to that point I had shot with 35mm films but getting the images scanned and transferred to Kodak Photo CDs was not cost effective. I experimented briefly with a 35mm film scanner of my own but was never quite satisfied with the results from that and a digital camera to me was the perfect solution. That first digital camera was claimed as an offering by the Canyon but the two others that followed it have held up very well to my hiking and backpacking adventures. Now that digital SLRs have become affordable I have begun to move off in that direction and I must say it feels good to hold a real camera again.

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