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3D Maps

3D image Bright Angel and South Kaibab trails

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3D image Bright Angel and South Kaibab trails
Modified to show more "stuff"

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3D image Granite Gorge showing Bright Angel, South Kaibab, Tonto and River Trails - Spectacular!

Large, high-res image - 410K, 792 x 493 JPEG

Medium, low-res image - 185K, 600 x 373 JPEG

Small, low-res image - 85K, 400 x 249 JPEG

3D image Close-up on Bright Angel and Plateau Point Trails

Large, high-res image - 571K, 722 x 943 JPEG

Medium, low-res image - 210K, 459 x 600 JPEG

Small, low-res image - 98K, 306 x 400 JPEG

3D image Bright Angel Canyon showing North Kaibab and Old Bright Angel Trails

Large, high-res image - 332K, 792x495 JPEG

Medium, low-res image - 175K, 600x375 JPEG

Small, low-res image - 81K, 400x250 JPEG

Images provided courtesy of
Christopher Settimi
Settimi Creative & Co.

Christopher Settimi has been producing 3 dimensional topographic illustrations for about a year now. He uses USGS DEM data as a starting point, then jazzes them up quite a bit with trails and features.

He has most all the digital topographic data for the Grand Canyon area, and could probably do more trails if you would like.

E-mail chris@pdgroup.com
voice 317.272.0882
fax 317.272.0883

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