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Robert Bonfiglio - Live at the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon, a stone ribbon of color and light, slices through the vastness of the Colorado Plateau; whether from the rim or the exhilarating perspective of the Colorado River, it inspires many reactions. Some are easily expressed in words but many of these thoughts and feelings are indescribable.

I brought together this fine group of musicians to the annual Grand Canyon Chamber Music Festival for these performances to capture in sound what the pen and voice are unable to portray.

The awe inspiring Grand Canyon is truly a unique setting for the joyous relationship between musician and audience. The Grand Canyon Chamber Music Festival celebrates the Canyon in the universal language of music. These "live" recordings are a small part of that celebration.

-- Robert Bonfiglio

Troubland Bolero (Django Reinhardt) 6:07
Nuages (Django Reinhardt) 7:43
Chelsea Day (Laura Seaton) 4:35
Mahna de Carnival (Luis Bonfa) 6:53
A Whiter Shade of Pale (Keith Reid & Gary Brooker) 3:03
Deep Canyon Blues (Bonfiglio) 7:04
Fleur D' Ennui (Django Reinhardt) 5:39
RB's Blues (Bonfiglio) 9:12
Django (John Lewis) 6:57

Robert Bonfiglio - Harmonica
Laura Seaton - Violin
Jay Berliner - Guitar
Skip Edwards - Bass
Gordon Gottlieb - Percussion

Mastered by Andy Wasserman
Recording Engineer - Brian Sanders of KNPR, Las Vegas
Sterio pair of AKG Mikes #414
Mastered Somewhere in NJ
Robert Bonfiglio plays a Hohner Harmonica

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Special thanks to Clare Hoffman, Michael & Ruth Bonfiglio, Beth Seely, Benjie Pastore, JPi, Tommy West, GC Chamber Music Festival, KNPR Las Vegas, Judith Casselberry, Paul Insinnia, and Bette Timm, Rolf Krauss.

Art Direction & Design - Benjie
Photo's - C.J. Crossland

Joseph Pastori for JPi
194 Katonah Avenue
Katonah, NY 10536

Other recordings by Robert Bonfiglio

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  2. Bonfiglio - Romances, High Harmony HHCD 1001, 1991.

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