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Backcountry Rangers

This page is intended to provide the public with a closer look at that unique breed of individual, the Grand Canyon National Park Backcountry Ranger.

These people represent some of the most interesting people that I have meet at Grand Canyon though by no means have I met all of them. They are a joy to talk to and contain a wealth of information that is just waiting to be tapped. If you are planning a trip into the backcountry they can offer some invaluable suggestions about routes, water availability and what special gear you might need to bring along with you.

These are also the people that are responsible for the Search and Rescue operations, along the Canyon's more popular trails and in the more remote backcountry regions. On a recent trip to the Canyon to discuss these pages with Chuck our talk was constantly interrupted because he was still on duty and was in the middle of dealing with a problem that had developed on the Bright Angel Trail that afternoon. Apparently someone coming up the trail, who had a history of cardiac problems, was in trouble and needed help. Another ranger had been dispatched down the trail to evaluate the persons condition first hand and Chuck was waiting for his findings to determine whether the person would need to be airlifted out.

And with that said, let me introduce you to some of these awesome personalities...

The backcountry rangers of Grand Canyon National Park

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Ranger Chuck
Ranger Sandy
Ranger Patrick

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