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Trail Description : Widforss Trail

The Widforss Trail will take you out to Widforss Point which is on the opposite of Transept Canyon from Grand Canyon Lodge. The round trip distance for this trail is approximately 10 miles and it begins at the Widforss Trail parking area. To get to the trailhead take the dirt road that begins about ¼ mile south of the road that takes you out to Point Imperial and Cape Royal, or one mile north of the North Rim Campground, across from the parking lot for the North Kaibab Trail, off of the main park road. The parking area and trailhead are about one mile in on this road.

From the parking area the trail leads you to the southwest across the northern end of The Transept. The trail is very easy to follow all the way out to Widforss Point with only some minor dips and rises as it passes through some of the northeastern drainages of Transept Canyon. The first three miles or so of the trail follow right along the rim of The Transept, crosses a few drainages, and then turns south into the forest. About two miles more will see you at Widforss Point overlooking the head of Haunted Canyon. The creek that flows down Haunted Canyon eventually joins with Phantom Creek which eventually joins Bright Angel Creek just north of Phantom Ranch. The smaller drainage to the east of Widforss Point is the source of the water that flows over Ribbon Falls, off of the North Kaibab Trail.

Widforss Point also provides an excellent view of Buddha Temple and makes for a beautiful picnic spot.

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