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Trail Description : Uncle Jim Trail

The Uncle Jim Trail is a short (to me) 5 mile loop trail that will bring you out to Uncle Jim Point where you will have a spectacular view of the upper portion of the North Kaibab Trail as well as both Roaring Spring and Bright Angel Canyons.

The trailhead for the Uncle Jim Trail is 2 miles north of Grand Canyon Lodge on the entrance road. The trailhead for the Uncle Jim Trail is the same as that for the North Kaibab Trail and the Ken Patrick Trail. The first mile of both the Uncle Jim Trail and the Ken Patrick Trail are actually one trail used by both. Both trails are well maintained and easy to follow.

When you reach the junction where the trails split, the Uncle Jim Trail will head off to the right (south). After another ¼ mile or so you will come to another trail junction. Both trails are the Uncle Jim Trail and which ever one you take, you will return on the other. The left fork is the shorter and more direct route to Uncle Jim Point and the right fork first heads back out to the rim of Roaring Springs Canyon and then contours along the edge to reach Uncle Jim Point.

Uncle Jim Point makes a great place for a picnic.

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