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Trail Description : Dripping Springs Trail

The Dripping Springs Trail can be reached via either the Hermit Trail which is located just beyond Hermit's Rest on the Hermit Road, or via the Boucher Trail, the trailhead for which is accessible via an unmaintained dirt road which connects the trailhead to Rowes Well. This trail is most commonly used as access to and from the lower section of the Boucher Trail which runs along the western wall of the Hermit Gorge, opposite the Hermit Trail which runs along the eastern wall. Accessing the Dripping Springs Trail via the upper section of the Boucher Trail is not recommended. If you feel you must do this you should contact the Backcountry Office for directions on how to reach this trailhead.

A visit to Dripping Springs itself is a good day hike from Hermit's Rest. To do this first descend the Hermit Trail to the Dripping Springs Trail junction and then follow the Dripping Springs Trail to its junction with the Boucher Trail. At this junction proceed to the west (left) up the side canyon between Eremita Mesa and the rim to reach Dripping Springs.

Mileages are as follows (one-way from Hermit trailhead):


The Dripping Springs Trail itself is fairly level. It varies in elevation only slightly during the traverse between the Hermit and Boucher Trails.

From the Hermit / Dripping Springs Trail junction take the trail to the left up and over a small rise of eroded Hermit Shale. Once over this rise the trail continues westward sometimes close to the edge and sometimes a little further back. The views from the trail, looking down into or out and across Hermit Basin are some of the most majestic views that the Canyon has to offer. After about a mile of travel you will come to the junction with the Boucher Trail. To continue to Dripping Springs continue west up into the side canyon for about a half mile. To continue down the Boucher Trail you must cross the Dripping Springs drainage and head north.
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