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Steepness of Bright Angel Trail

Point to point section of trailPercent of grade
Trailhead to cinch-up-curve10.18
Cinch-up-curve to Kolb seep15.27
Kolb seep ro second tunnel15.70
Second tunnel to base of Coconino15.33
Base of Coconino to 1½-mile resthouse12.58
 (Trailhead to 1½-mile resthouse)13.56
One-mile resthouse to two-mile corner11.67
Two-mile corner to 2½-mile curve13.11
2½-mile curve to 3-mile resthouse14.07
 (1½-mile resthouse to 3-mile resthouse)12.99
  (Trailhead to 3-mile resthouse)13.29
3-mile resthouse to base of Jacob's Ladder14.85
Base of Jacob's Ladder to cardiac curve14.85
Cardiac curve to Indian Garden resthouse8.44
 (3-mile resthouse to Indian Garden resthouse)11.01
  (1½-mile resthouse to Indian Garden resthouse)11.93
   (Trailhead to Indian Garden resthouse)12.48
Indian Garden resthouse to Tonto Trail junction7.02
Tonto Trail junction to 6-mile lookout6.97
6-mile lookout to top of Devil's Corkscrew10.10
Top of Devil's Corkscrew to bottom of Devil's Corkscrew14.47
Bottom of Devil's Corkscrew to river resthouse6.31
 (River resthouse to river [drop off BA trail to river])10.19
  (Indian Garden resthouse to river [drop off BA trail to river])8.21
   (Trailhead to river [drop off BA trail to river])10.75
River resthouse to Silver bridge0.15
Silver bridge to BA campground2.13
BA campground to Phantom Ranch (uphill)2.03
 (Indian Garden resthouse to BA campground)5.27
  (Trailhead to BA campground)8.90
 (Indian Garden resthouse to Phantom Ranch [BACG to PR uphill])4.65
  (Trailhead to Phantom Ranch [BACG to PR uphill])8.41

Data prodivded courtesy of Grand Canyon National Park.

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