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Hikes in New Hampshire and Maine's White Mountains

May 18, 2014 Franconia Ridge day hike: Mounts Lafayette, Lincoln, Liberty & Flume
May 11, 2014 Day hiking Cannon Mountain, The Cannonballs and North & South Kinsman
May 3, 2014 North & Middle Tripyramid via the Pine Bend Brook and Mount tripyramid Trails
March 9, 2014 Mount Isolation via the Rocky Branch Trail, Engine Hill bushwhack, Isolation Trail and Davis Path
March 2, 2014 North Twin, South Twin and Galehead Mountain via the North Twin and Gale River Trails
February 23, 2014 Mount Moosilauke via the Glencliff Trail
January 5, 2014 Mounts Lafayette & Lincoln via the Old Bridge Path, Greenleaf, Franconia Ridge and Falling Waters Trails
December 29, 2013 Mount Carrigain via Sawyer River Road and Signal Ridge Trail
December 28, 2013 Mount Moriah via the Carter-Moriah Trail
November 16, 2013 North and South Kinsman via the Lonesome Lake, Fishin' Jimmy and Kinsman Ridge Trails
April 7, 2013 Mount Chocorua via the Champney Brook Trail
April 6, 2013 Welch Mountain & Dickey Mountain via the Welch-Dickey Loop Trail
March 30, 2013 Mount Monadnock via the Pumpelly Trail
March 23, 2013 Firescrew Mountain
March 16 & 17, 2013 Carter Notch backpacking trip with Carter Dome & The Wildcats via Nineteenmile Brook, Carter-Moriah & Wildcat Ridge (Appalachian) Trails
March 10, 2013 Mounts Adams & Madison via Valley Way, Airline & Gulfside Trails
March 9, 2013 Mounts Jefferson & Washington via Jewell, Gulfside, Crawford Path & Ammonoosuc Ravine Trails
February 23, 2013 Mount Cabot via York Pond, Bunnell Notch & Mount Cabot Trails
February 16, 2013 East Osceola & Mount Osceola via Greeley Pond & Mount Osceola Trails
February 2, 2013 Mount Moosilauke via Glencliff Trail
January 19, 2013 Mount Hale & Zealand Mountain via Zealand Road, Hale Brook, Lend-A-Hand, Twinway & Zeland Trails
January 12, 2013 Mount Pierce via Crawford Path, Webster Cliff & Mizpah Cut-Off Trails
January 1, 2013 South & Middle Carter Mountains via Nineteenmile Brook, Hancock Dome & Hancock-Moriah Trails
December 22, 2012 South & North Hancock Mountains via Hancock Notch, Cedar Brook & Hancock Loop Trails
November 17, 2012 Loon Mountain and bushwhack to Scar Ridge
November 12, 2012 The Nubble (Haystack Mountain) and bushwhack to the Peak Above the Nubble
October 13, 2012 Vose Spur via the Signal Ridge Trail, Carrigain Notch Trail & Vose Spur bushwhack
October 8, 2012 Unknown Pond, The Horn & The Bulge via the Unknown Pond & Kilkenny Ridge Trails
September 22, 2012 Mount Weeks & South Weeks via the York Pond & Kilkenny Ridge Trails
September 1, 2012 Goose Eye Mountain via the Wright, Appalachian & Goose Eye Trails
August 25, 2012 Mount Baldpate via the Appalachian Trail
August 19, 2012 Old Speck Mountain via the Old Speck & Eyebrow Trails
July 1, 2012 Sandwich Mountain & Jennings Peak via the Sandwich Mountain, Jennings & Drakes Brook Trails
June 16, 2012 Mount Nancy via the Nancy Brook Trail & Mount Nancy "Path"
June 10, 2012 Mount Whiteface & East Sleeper via the Blueberry Ledge, Rollins & Kate Sleeper Trails
April 15, 2012 Mount Chocorua via the Champney Falls Trails
March 17, 2012 Mount Tripyramid via the Pine Bend Brook and Tripyramid Loop Trails
March 11, 2012 Day hiking The Bonds via the Lincoln Woods, Wilderness and Bondcliff Trails
March 10, 2012 Mount Tecumseh via the Mount Tecumseh and Sosman Trails
March 3, 2012 Mount Galehead via the Gale River, Garfield Ridge and Frost Trails
February 26, 2012 Mount Garfield via the Garfield and Garfield Ridge Trail
February 20, 2012 Mount Eisenhower, Monroe & Pierce via the Crawford Path and Webster Cliff Trail
February 18, 2012 Mount Tom, Field & Willey via Mount Avalon, A-Z, Mount Tom Spur and Willey Ridge Trails
February 12, 2012 Cannon Mountain, North & South Kinsman via the Lonesome Lake, High Cannon, Kinsman Ridge and Fishin' Jimmy Trails
February 4, 2012 Mounts Whiteface & Mount Passaconaway via the Blueberry Ledge, Rollins and Dicey's Mill Trails
January 29, 2012 Mount Liberty and Mount Flume via the Liberty Springs and Franconia Ridge Trails
January 15, 2012 Mount Starr King and Mount Waumbek via the Starr King Trail
December 11, 2011 Cannon Mountain via Kinsman Ridge Trail
November 19, 2011 Mount Isolation via Rocky Branch Trail, Isolation Trail and Davis Path
November 13, 2011 Mount Tripyramid via Sabbaday Brook and Tripyramid Loop Trails
November 6, 2011 Mount Hancock via Hancock Notch, Cedar Brook and Hancock Loop Trails
October 8, 2011 The Owl's Head via Lincoln Woods Trail, Black Pond Trail, Black Pond bushwack, Lincoln Brook Trail and Owl's Head Slide Trail
July 24, 2011 North Kinsman peak via Lonesome Lake, Fishin' Jimmy and Kinsman Ridge Trails
July 17, 2011 Mounts Lafayette, Lincoln and Little Haystack via the Old Bridle Path, Franconia Ridge Trail and Falling Waters Trail
June 5, 2011 Mount Moosilauke via the Beaver Brook Trail
July 25, 2010 Mount Starr King and Mount Waumbek via the Starr King Trail
July 24, 2010 Mount Cabot via the York Pond, Bunnell Notch, Kilkenny Ridge and Mount Cabot Trails
July 18, 2010 Mount Mohiah via Carter-Moriah Trail
June 19, 2010 Mounts Pierce and Jackson via the Crawford Path and Webster Cliff and Webster-Jackson Trails
July 25, 2009 North, Middle and South Tripyramid via the Pine Bend Brook and Pyramid Loop Trails
July 19, 2009 Mount Whiteface and Passaconaway via Blueberry Ledge, Rollins, Walden, Ranger, Mt. Wonalancet and Wonalancet Range Trails
July 20, 2008 Mount Moosilauke via the Beaver Brook Trail
July 13, 2008 North and South Hancock via the Hancock North and Hancock Loop Trails
July 26, 2007 Kinsman Mountain via Lonesome Lake, Fishin' Jimmy and Kinsman Ridge Trails
July 21, 2007 Mount Osceola and East Osceola via Mount Osceola Trail
July 21, 2007 Mount Tecumseh via Tecumseh and Sosman Trails
July 15, 2007 Wildcat Ridge and Wildcat Mountain via Wildcat Ridge Trail
July 28, 2006 Mount Hale and Zealand Falls via Hale Brook, Lend-A-Hand and Zealand Trails
July 21, 2006 Carter Notch : Carter Dome, Mount Hight, South, Middle & North Carter and Imp Face via Aqueduct Path, Nineteenmile Brook, Carter Moriah, North Carter and Imp Trails
October 1, 2005 Mount Tom, Mount Field, Mount Willey and Mount Avalon via Avalon and Willey Range Trails
July 29, 2005 Zealand Notch and Zealand Falls via Zealand Trail
July 22, 2005 Zealand Notch, Mount Guyot, Mound Bond, Bondcliff and West Bond via Zealand, Twinway and Bondcliff Trails
August 22, 2004 Zealand Notch, Zealand Falls, Zealand Ridge and Thoreau Falls via Zealand, Twinway, Zeacliff and Ethan Pond Trails
July 30, 2004 North and South Twin Mountains via North Twin Trail and North Twin Spur Trail
July 23, 2004 Mounts Garfield and Galehead via Garfield, Garfield Ridge, Frost Trail, and Gale River Trail
July 26, 2003 Boott Spur and Mount Isolation via the Tuckerman Ravine Trail, Boott Spur Trail, Davis Path and Glen Boulder Trail
July 20, 2003 Mount Carrigan via the Signal Ridge Trail
July 20, 2002 Cannon Mountain and Lonesome Lake via the Lonesome Lake Trail, High Cannon, Kinsman Ridge and Cascade Brook Trails
July 19, 2002 Mounts Monroe via the Ammonoosuc Ravine and Crawford Trails
July 29, 2000 Mounts Madison and Adams via the Brookside, Watson, Star Lake, Spur and Amphibrach Trails
July 22, 2000 Mount Washington via the Tuckerman Ravine and Lion Head Trails
July 30, 1999 Mount Liberty via the Whitehouse and Liberty Springs Trails
July 23, 1999 Mount Lafayette via the Old Bridle Path

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