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ecosystem management international

"Develops innovative solutions to natural resource management"

After 25 years of developing unique ecosystem management techniques for the Department of the Interior, Dave Wegner now leads EMI in developing innovative solutions to natural resource management.

EMI today provides professional consulting and facilitation services in ecosystem analysis, adaptive management, and restoration of water and land ecosystems.

Protecting Natural Quiet in the Grand Canyon

The ability to experience Natural Quiet - the complete absence of manmade sound - is becoming harder to find in Grand Canyon due to rapid and unrestricted growth of air tour operations.

A National Park Service Study concluded that, unless action is taken, by the year 2010 only a small fraction of Grand Canyon’s vast expanse will be free of the drone of aircraft engines.

The NPS and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), in a joint rulemaking process, held public hearings and accepted written comments to provide input.

This site is sponsored by the Grand Canyon River Guides and the Grand Canyon Trust.

Grand Canyon Visibility Transport Commission

The Grand Canyon Visibility Transport Commission was created by the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990 to determine what, if any, steps are needed to preserve clear days and improve visibility in 16 national parks and wilderness areas located on the Colorado Plateau. The Commission is composed of eight governors or their designees, five tribal representives and five federal agencies.

Grand Canyon Visibility Transport Commission Public Meetings to discuss options for reducing air pollution which impairs visibility in 16 national parks and wilderness areas on the Colorado Plateau. Announcement of meetings, briefing papers and schedules.

From the League of Women Voters of Albuquerque New Mexico

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