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  GRAND CANYON Hikers And Backpackers Association

An association of hikers and backpackers dedicated to preserving the wilderness experience in the Grand Canyon backcountry.

  Hit The Trail - With Denise Traver

After years of working as a Grand Canyon National Park backcountry ranger and then as a field instructor for the Grand Canyon Field Institute (please see my bio), I've decided to share some of the things I've learned while working with the public and during my own backpacking experiences. So often while working in the canyon, I would see people having the worst time of their lives in one of the most glorious places on earth! And with just a little more knowledge and preparation, they could actually be having a good time. I know that's a radical concept, but stick with me. I'll do my best to prove it to you!

Mike Mahanay's Grand Canyon Treks

Another very valuable web resource for the Grand Canyon.

GRAND CANYON Field Institute

Programs designed not only to educate, but also to send participants home with a renewed appreciation for the beauty and majesty of our public lands, and to foster the preservation of these lands for generations to come.


Devoted to Rock Climbing in the Southwest...
The Grand Canyon in Particular

Created by Pernell Tomasi & Bob Strand

Susan and Bob's Home Page

Great Canyon links for both backpacking and river running!

Check out the Ultimate Grand Canyon Backpack trip.

Grand Tour visit with some more Canyon junkies.

Hosted by GORP - Great Outdoor Recreation Pages

The Middle-Aged Hiker

The Middle-Aged Hiker takes to the Grand Canyon.

Our Grand Canyon Hiking History

Hiking history of the Middle-Aged Hiker.

T. Chester's Grand Canyon Hikes

A man after my own heart!


(Their home away from home.)


This site is dedicated to hikers of all ages who enjoy exploring the great outdoors.

As a late life hiker, I first hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon in 1999 at age 53. Like many people, I was completely awestruck by its beauty. I continue to hike the Canyon at every opportunity. The majority of this site reflects my love for the Canyon. I will add other hiking venues to this site as my time and travels permit.
--- Richard M. Perry

Dawn's Grand Canyon Hike

The account of her family's hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon in late June, 1995.

Discovery TREKS, Inc.

Discovery treks Inc. has been offering exciting adventure trips in the Southwest since 1991 to people from all around the world. Our Grand Canyon Hiking Trips include hiking packages in which we camp below the rim, one day Hiking Tours, our Havasu Canyon Waterfalls Camp and the Grand Canyon Rimtop Camp on the remote north rim.


GRAND CANYON Backcountry Guides & Outfitters

An intimate experience with the earth. Inspiring adventures into the depths of Grand Canyon. The most scenic and breath taking canyon in the world. Experience the peace, solitude, beauty and adventure that can only be found on a journey into Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon Hiking Tours

Guided Tours by Gloria "G.K." Sprinkle, MA

WilderWalk Grand Canyon Adventures
Leave the crowd, leave the car,
and hike the trail less traveled.
Come to the Secret Sacred Garden
at the heart of the Grand Canyon.

White Mountain Explorer
These are the White Mountains of New Hampshire not Arizona.

OK, so it's not the Grand Canyon. But, people I meet on the net are frequently asking me what I do for hiking when I am not in the Grand Canyon, so I decided to put together this little page to finally answer that question.

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