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Historic Photos of Grand Canyon National Park

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The Titan of Chasms - inexpressible - you must see it to understand.
El Tovar Hotel on the brink of the Canyon.
The Lookout is a quaint rough stone observatory and rest house on the rim near the head of Bright Angel Trail.
Opposite El Tovar Hotel is a replica of a Hopi Indian House.
The Grand Canyon is the most instructive example of one of the chief factors of earth-building - erosion.
Hermit Rim Road (now called Hermit Road) is a city boulevard on the very brink of the Grand Canyon.
El Tovar Hotel and Bright Angel Cottages (Bright Angel Lodge) from Maricopa Point.
Where Hermit Road (Hermit Road) ends and Hermit Trail begins is a unique rest house called Hermit's Rest.
The Devil's Corkscrew is a spiral pathway down an almost perpendicular wall on the Bright Angel Trail.
A noted feature of the Bright Angel Trail is Jacob's Ladder.
The Tonto Trail follows the inner gorge, thousands of feet below the rim.
From the plateau there are many fine views of the inner canyon forms.
Camping in the Tusayan Forest (Kaibab National Forest) on the rim.
Overlooking the Colorado River from Plateau Point.
The Colorado River at foot of Bright Angel Trail.
Motoring through pine forest on way to Grand View (Grandview Point)
Grand View Point
At Desert View there is a far outlook into the Canyon and across the Painted desert toward Hopiland.
At Cathedral Stairs, on Hermit Trail, there is an abrupt descent through the blue limestone by a succession of short zigzags.
On the plateau at base of Hermit Point is Hermit Camp.
Hermit Trail is four feet wide, with a low protecting wall on the outside.
The Colorado River at foot of Hermit Trail.
An exceptional snow fall on the rim of the Grand Canyon.
Navajo woman spinning wool.
Hopi Indian women weaving.
A Supai maiden from Cataract Canyon.
Grand Canyon railroad station.
Horseback party in Tusayan Firest (kaibab National Forest)
Trail party in from of Bright Angel Cottages (Bright Angel Lodge).
Monument to Maj. J. W. Powell, first explorer of Grand Canyon.
This series of tremendous chasms reaches its culmination in a chaotic gorge 217 miles long, 9 to 13 miles wide, and more than 6000 feet deep.
The kiva at Desert View

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